Why You Should Go for BPA-free Water Bottles


There are now more and more people that are going for water bottles made from stainless steel because of the fact that they can be recycled as well as reused. Also, they serve a great purpose of helping minimize environmental pollution with the reduction of the use of plastic products that readily go to the landfills. Check out the bpa free water bottles.

Stainless steel is a form of steel alloy that contains a minimum of 11% chromium content. This doesn’t corrode, stain or rust readily as compared with the ordinary steel. If the alloy type as well as the grade are not detailed, especially in the aviation industry, then this known as the CRES or the corrosion resistant steel. This is simply known as the inox steel or inox for short.

For water bottles, the stainless steel bottles are known to be the most hygienic material that you can use aside from glass. The different industries that are quite strict about hygiene are making use of these. Nowadays, the stainless steel water bottles that are placed on the shelves in the market come in various models and they are used in home kitchens, the hospitals and hotels.

Today, the life line stainless steel 18/8 bottles are highly preferred than the normal stainless steel bottles because of the characteristics that they have that are advantageous to health. They have safe caps, BPA free and regardless of the type of liquor that you store in them, they don’t erode. They also have non-toxic paint. Thus, with the products, your safety is guaranteed.

The BPA or bisphenol A is used in manufacturing polycarbonate beverage and food containers. Also, this is utilized in the resin lining of cans and in various household products. There are researchers who have studied the dangerous aspect of this organic compound and they have come up to a conclusion that they are dangerous to human and also animal health. Moreover, this is known to cause serious diseases like obesity, breast cancer, interruption of the dopaminergic system, neurological issues, type 2 diabetes, abnormalities in the liver enzyme and several others. Learn more about water bottle bpa free.

Furthermore, according to the report, the BPA that is utilized in making baby bottles can cause behavioral changes in the infants. Also, this contributes to an early onset of puberty among girls. This base chemical is used for baby bottles because this works as softener of the plastic allowing the baby bottles to appear clear and durable. However, because the parents these days are educated about the harmful effects of BPA, they are going for BPA free feeding bottles as well as bottles to make sure that they children are safe.

There are BPA free bottles that are still created from plastic. These are made from Eastman tritan copolyester. There are so many customers that get attracted in them because of the different colors and models. BPA free storage containers and feeding bottles are what you need to buy to guarantee safety.

Selecting A Nontoxic Water Bottle Is Very Important

In general, we hardly ever think regarding the water bottles that we usually buy in grocery stores or in local gas stations. But in reality, we need to be aware that a good number of these water bottles that we acquire are proven to be not safe. These are the water bottles that may serve as the breeding place for bacteria or there is also a good probability that it can leak dangerous chemicals. In addition to that, these water bottles will only clog your local land and will cause impairment to our environment. To learn more about bpa free water bottles, follow the link.

It is a very sad reality that these various water bottles available to us everywhere are proven to be unsafe. These water bottles have been proven to be dangerous to us and to our loved ones.

One more sad news, that a number of the most used water bottles were also established to be unsafe. For example, those ordinary plastic water bottles that are disposable. These disposable plastic bottles are commonly seen on the shelves of numerous local grocery stores all over the country. A good number of popular brands are utilizing these water bottles. Sadly, this kind of water bottle are proven to be very unsafe.

No one can say that disposable plastic bottles are safe to use. If you are going to use these plastic water bottles repeatedly, it might leak harmful chemicals. As mentioned earlier also, bacteria can grow on these plastic water bottles since they can multiply on the bottle’s crevices and on its cracks. At the end of everything, we are all aware that even one plastic water bottle can bring a lot of damage to our surroundings. If you have seen a landfill before, in that case, you are aware that the landfill is congested with many plastic water bottles that are disposable. Read more about water bottle bpa free.

However, no one needs to rely on plastic bottles that are not even reusable. If you want to find a nontoxic water bottle that is perfect for your needs as well as for your family’s needs, then, you need to know that there are lots of options that you can consider. For instance, one excellent option that you can have is the water bottle that is not disposable and was manufactured using a kind of plastic that is tougher and also more durable. But if you would like to make sure and acquire a BPA free water bottle, then, you have to find a water bottle that was made using aluminum. You can find a lot of aluminum made water bottles that have that tall and thin look. And you are going to find these water bottles available in various colors. And in view of the fact that these water bottles are made of aluminum and not plastic materials, they are safe to use since they will not leak any harmful chemicals. And because there is no need for you to throw it right away as soon as you finish your drink, these water bottles are kinder to the environment.

Why You Need to Choose the Right Water Bottles

Bisphenol A is known as an organic compound that has troubled the manufacturers of plastic products because of their environment and heat concern. There government in some countries and the major health organizations say that the compound is harmful to both human and animal health because it is toxic. Find out more information about bpa free water bottles. Though there is no agreement as to how harmful this compound is, but people should still be alarmed at how excessive the BPA products are utilized in everyday life.

The BPA is used as a main component in making plastic items that are used each day. A lot of these items have direct contact with the food that people consume. You should know that the different reusable and also disposable plastic bottles or the water bottles are using BPA. In making the canned food packaging, BPA is also utilized as an inner-coating. With this, you can say that you are drinking and eating BPA each day.

Health is very important and delicate and you should avoid putting it at risk and because of the alarming report about the BPA, then you have to act immediately. There are several things that you should know on how you should tackle such problem. What you have to know first is how to start. The ones who are greatly exposed to the effects that BPA have on health are the young children, the infants and also the babies. Hence, it is quite important that you search for alternatives to plastic feeders, cups, and other baby-food containers. If you can, you need to make use of metal products instead of plastic. The plastic items have been discovered to release more toxins especially if they are hot. Because of this information, it is important that you avoid keeping hot foods and liquids in plastic containers especially for a long time. It is also very important that you should not expose them to any heat source and even sunlight. Take a look at the information about the water bottle bpa free.

If you are looking for BPA free water bottles then you can go for stainless steel water bottles. There is BPA in polycarbonate plastic bottles and because of this, they are great alternatives. There are also the soft plastic collapsible bottles which belong to the BPA-free category. These are flexible and lightweight water bottles. If they are empty, then you can flatten them and roll up so that you will be able to save space. The materials that are used in making these are floppy and thin unlike the traditional hard plastic materials,. It is really a great idea that you go for the BPA free collapsible water bottles that definitely look cool.

You can protect yourself from the harm that BPA brings. So that you will have a healthy life, then you should change the hard plastic water bottles with safer alternatives. When you use BPA free water bottles, then you can ensure your safety.   

Plastic Water Bottles are Good Home for Various Microorganisms - Effective Tips on Cleaning and Disinfecting it Properly

You must bear in mind that plastic water bottles or containers can be a very good habitat for different types of germs, molds, and bacteria so it is very important that these bottles must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that you will prevent illnesses from occurring. A couple of these water bottles have strange twists and forms making it more difficult and time consuming to clean and sanitize these bottles. If these water containers are stores with its cover, it can definitely lead to a progressively more development of new bacteria and diseases. So therefore, it is imperative that you clean and disinfect these water bottles after every use.

Below are the couple of tips on how to properly clean these bottles. Follow the link for more information about bpa free water bottles.

1. Make use of a bleaching agent. It can definitely be cleaned by means of a bleaching agent. For you to create a perfect solution it is important that you add 1 teaspoon of baking soda into 4 liters of clean water. Mix up these two ingredients and fill the water container with this liquid and let it be for the entire night. In the next day, make sure that you rinse it out thoroughly and place it on a clean rack to let it dry totally. When you put it in the cupboard, ensure that you do not close it with its lead until the time that you will use it again.

2. You can also utilize a white vinegar. The first step is to bathe it into a warm sudsy water and wash it down thoroughly with a tap water. Fill the plastic water bottle with at least  1/4  of white vinegar and  3/4  of clean water. Let it stay for the entire night. And in the next day, wash it with clean water thoroughly and permit it to dry completely by inverting it without its cover. To read more about the water bottle bpa free, follow the link. Place it in a clean kitchen cabinet after drying and make sure that you do not close it with its cap.

3. Freezers are also effective cleaning tool. Cleanse the water bottles with a warm and soapy water, then wash it thoroughly with a clean water. Place it in the freezer until it can be used again. Keep in mind that most of the microorganisms and bacteria can survive in extremely cold temperatures.

4. Make use of your dishwashers. Some of these water bottles are certainly dish-washer safe and thus, it is guaranteed that these bottles can be washed down thoroughly. You can also use your hands in cleaning these bottles. In order to remove tiny dirt from the sides of the bottles, make use of a brush.

Don’t Put Your Health and Money at Risk - Stainless Steel Water Bottle that are BPA Free


In this contemporary period, the production of products that has BPA contents are so rampant . On the other hand, do you know that an example of these products are the stainless steel water bottles? Well, you see no point of using stainless steel bottles, do you? In any case, you can still buy a water bottle that will not harm your health so as to have water supply in times that you get thirsty anywhere you may be. So below are the four important points that you should keep in mind if you want to purchase a stainless steel bottle for your water storage. For more information about the bpa free water bottles, follow the link.

1. Water bottle that is free from BPA. Even though that there are a whole heap of water containers that contain BPA content, there are still several water bottles that is free from BPA content. You must only look for water bottles that are absolutely durable and do not have a lining of chemical. There are other bottles that still have BPA in their content that can be seen at the side of the lid. BPA also known as Bisphenol A has alarmed the medical arena because of the health concerns in brings to us especially in the brain and behavior of the infant and during fetal development. Progressively more research studies have been conducted and it was found out that Bisphenol A can be linked to the occurrence of cancers, aggravation of thyroid conditions, and other serious health delinquents.

2. It is cheap and practical. There are stainless steel water bottles that are totally reusable and can be bought at an incredibly very low price. And also, you will be able to save more cash because you won’t be needing any other water containers. And also, you will be able to save additional cash because you do not need to buy any water from the stores since you can just refill it in your house. Get more information about water bottle bpa free.

3. It can last for a very long time. It is not possible that stainless steel water bottles can last for all time but on the other hand, it can certainly last for how many years. The best feature of these water bottles is that it do not allow leakage of plastics and other chemicals into your water. You can definitely carry it with your anytime and anywhere you may be.

4. Go Green!

With these bottles, you do not have to buy plastic bottles from stores and just throw it anywhere you want.