Plastic Water Bottles are Good Home for Various Microorganisms - Effective Tips on Cleaning and Disinfecting it Properly

You must bear in mind that plastic water bottles or containers can be a very good habitat for different types of germs, molds, and bacteria so it is very important that these bottles must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that you will prevent illnesses from occurring. A couple of these water bottles have strange twists and forms making it more difficult and time consuming to clean and sanitize these bottles. If these water containers are stores with its cover, it can definitely lead to a progressively more development of new bacteria and diseases. So therefore, it is imperative that you clean and disinfect these water bottles after every use.

Below are the couple of tips on how to properly clean these bottles. Follow the link for more information about bpa free water bottles.

1. Make use of a bleaching agent. It can definitely be cleaned by means of a bleaching agent. For you to create a perfect solution it is important that you add 1 teaspoon of baking soda into 4 liters of clean water. Mix up these two ingredients and fill the water container with this liquid and let it be for the entire night. In the next day, make sure that you rinse it out thoroughly and place it on a clean rack to let it dry totally. When you put it in the cupboard, ensure that you do not close it with its lead until the time that you will use it again.

2. You can also utilize a white vinegar. The first step is to bathe it into a warm sudsy water and wash it down thoroughly with a tap water. Fill the plastic water bottle with at least  1/4  of white vinegar and  3/4  of clean water. Let it stay for the entire night. And in the next day, wash it with clean water thoroughly and permit it to dry completely by inverting it without its cover. To read more about the water bottle bpa free, follow the link. Place it in a clean kitchen cabinet after drying and make sure that you do not close it with its cap.

3. Freezers are also effective cleaning tool. Cleanse the water bottles with a warm and soapy water, then wash it thoroughly with a clean water. Place it in the freezer until it can be used again. Keep in mind that most of the microorganisms and bacteria can survive in extremely cold temperatures.

4. Make use of your dishwashers. Some of these water bottles are certainly dish-washer safe and thus, it is guaranteed that these bottles can be washed down thoroughly. You can also use your hands in cleaning these bottles. In order to remove tiny dirt from the sides of the bottles, make use of a brush.